Leaving Cert Programmes

Leaving Certificate Programmes

Students have a choice of doing one of the following:

A. Leaving Certificate (LC) Established

B. Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

A. Leaving Certificate (LC) Established


State examination subjects: Irish, English, Mathematics and one of French, German or Spanish, where

applicable. Provision is made for students whose home language is examinable in the State LC

examinations to enter such students for their chosen language. This arrangement applies to all such

languages timetabled as part of the State examinations to include: Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Polish and

Russian. Where students have not taken one of French, German or Spanish for the junior certificate

provision is made for such students to take a language module of their choice, subject to school

resources. This arrangement especially applies to such students who qualify for participation in the LCVP

(see below). Note: Some students may be exempt from Irish under Dept of Education & Skills Circular

Letter 12/96.

Non-examination subjects: Religious Education (RE) and Physical Education (PE).

OPTIONAL SUBJECTS: All students are required to study three optional subjects out of the following:

Business Subjects: Accounting, Business, Economics

Science Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Technical Subjects: Construction Studies, Design & Communications Graphics

Other Subjects: Geography, History, Home Economics, Music.

Availability of these subjects from year-to-year is dependent on viable class size subject to resources.

Students are required to prioritise four of these subjects with a view to receiving a place in three. In advance

of such choice, students are given considerable in-school support and advice. This process is managed by

the Guidance & Counselling team in conjunction with relevant subject teachers. Parents are also invited into

the school for an information session and an opportunity to discuss what is best for their daughter/son. For

further information on various subjects check out www.ncca.ie

B. Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)

The LCVP is additional to the LC. Participation in LCVP is contingent on students satisfying programme

requirements by studying any one of the following optional subject combinations:

  • Accounting, Business, Economics (any two)
  • Art, & Accounting / Business / Economics
  • •  Art & DCG
  • Biology & Chemistry / Physics
  • Biology & Home Economics
  • Construction Studies & Accounting / Business / Economics
  • Construction Studies & Physics
  • Construction Studies & Design & Communication Graphics
  • • DCG & Accounting/Business/Economics
  • Home Economics & Accounting / Business / Economics
  • Home Economics & Art
  • Music & Accounting / Business / Economics


Students are advised, when making their optional subject choices, to focus on the subjects that will best

serve their interests for the Leaving Certificate and beyond. If after this process, their subjects’ combination

allows them to participate in LCVP they are required to do so, because of its unique educational value.

The educational value of LCVP arises by completion of the Link Modules over two years of the LCVP. The

experience in these modules prepares students for project completion, case study preparation, and portfolio

completion. All of these will enhance students’ skills as they progress into further and higher education.