Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle - Choice of Subjects

On entry into 1st year students experience a broad, balanced range of subjects in the context of school

resources and student preference. Students are prepared for the Junior Certificate Examination. The junior cycle

programme is made up of the following:


State examination subjects: Irish English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science and Civic Social

Political Education (CSPE). Note: Some students may be exempt from Irish under Dept of Education &

Skills Circular Letter 12/96.

Non-examination subjects: Religious Education (RE), Social Personal Health Education (SPHE),

Physical Education (PE) and Information & Communications Technology (ICT).


Modern language: All students are required to study one of the following European languages: French,

German, or Spanish. Availability of these languages from year-to-year is dependent on viable class size

subject to resources. Note: Arrangements are in place to exempt some students from modern language

in consultation with parents / guardians.

Other optional subjects: All students are required to study two subjects out of the following: Art Craft

Design (ACD), Business Studies, Home Economics, Materials Technology (Wood), Music and Technical