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Leaving cert students of 2019: message from Ms Catherine Walsh


Congratulations to each and every 6th year from the class of 2019!

In order to track progression of our Leaving Certificate students of 2019, I am posting this message on our school website so that each student of the leaving certificate class of 2019 has an opportunity to be included. As your Guidance Counsellor I would very much appreciate a brief email with your name and whatever option you chose after your Leaving Certificate i.e. the college and course, type of training and center, type of apprenticeship, defense forces, Gardai, ESB, type of employment, repeating or GAP year or other to:

The purpose of this data is to track our graduates out of a genuine interest in their vocational journey. Another reason is to establish new occupational opportunities and trends within the 21st century economy, within which we all live. This in turn will help meet the needs of future year groups.

Your name will be removed form the data and not be disclosed nor associated with the information you submit.

You will not be identifiable from the data fields created through this process.

Your information will simply be included in a tally of the number of students that progressed under a category for example PLC or Employment or a GAP year or NUIG - Commerce etc...

There are all sorts of new types of careers evolving that are not part of the usual or traditional route. Career coaches believe that the "millennial generation" will change career four or more times in one decade!

Whatever route you chose I sincerely hope that you are happy.

It would be really lovely to hear from you.

Again wishing each of you the very best of luck in the next stage of your young lives!

Ms. Walsh

Co. Galway

091 794 564

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