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After School Study 2023/24

All Students

After school study for 6th Yr students has commenced for this academic year. Evening study for 3rd & 5th Yrs begins on Monday 11th September. Regular study takes place for two hours, running from 4.30pm - 6.30pm each day, except Friday which runs from 1.45pm - 3.45pm.

Late Study

Students in 6th Yr also have the additional option of late study which runs for two hours every day except Friday. Late study runs from 7pm - 9pm four days a week and commences on Monday 11th September.

Study Protocols

Students work only in the designated room provided and are supervised at all times. It is worth noting that study is conducted in a strict, regimented and no-nonsense atmosphere conducive to academic rigour and respectful to all in attendance. Students are expected to study in silence and on their own during after-school study. Students should not interrupt the work of others. Therefore, they should arrive on time and have all their necessary books with them and sufficient work to keep them busy for the duration. Any misbehaviour, which is deemed by the supervisor to be disruptive, will not be tolerated. This may result in immediate expulsion from study and the fee is non-refundable. They are also expected to arrive properly dressed in school uniform. All students should leave at the designated departure time. Parents/guardians are informed of absence from each session via Compass, once roll call is taken.

Further Details

There are limited spaces available in both evening and late study. For more details of if you would like to register please contact the study co-ordinators directly via email at

Co. Galway
H91 K7H2

091 794 564

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