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Who do I contact if I have a query?

Firstly, we would ask that you take a minute to read down through this page as your query may be addressed further down. If you are still unsure you should email your query to and we will be in touch. Please keep in mind that it can take a little longer to get back to you because of the volume of contacts and work we have at the moment, but bear with us and we will reply.

COVID-19 Queries

Does my child still have to wear a mask/face covering this school year?

Yes. The school has been instructed by the Department of Education & Skills as follows:

"It is recommended that teachers, staff and students attending secondary schools wear a face-covering when a physical distance of 2 meters from other staff or students cannot be maintained."

We will be continuing to adhere strictly to this guidance until informed otherwise.

Are there any exceptions to the above?

Yes. The Department allows for exceptions in the following situations:

"Cloth face coverings should not be worn by any of the following groups:

  • Primary school or pre-school children
  • Any person with difficulty breathing
  • Any person who is unconscious or incapacitated
  • Any person who is unable to remove the face-covering without assistance
  • Any person who has special needs and who may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing the face covering, for example persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, sensory concerns or tactile sensitivity."

Note that the Department is referring here specifically to cloth face coverings and it may be appropriate in a number of the instances listed above for the individual to wear a suitable alternative to a cloth face covering.

Is there guidance on the use of face coverings?

Yes. You should read and become familiar with the information at the link below and ask your child to do the same.

My child has tried multiple face coverings/masks but none of them are effective because he/she wears glasses and the glasses get fogged up no matter what. Is there anything I can do?

Glasses fogging up is caused by warm exhaled air condensing on the colder surface of the lenses. A number of tactics can be used to address this:

  1. Wash the lenses in soap and water and allow to air dry – you should check first with your optician if this is suitable for your glasses as some lenses may have special coatings and some frames may not be suitable for this.
  2. Fold a tissue so that it is about 2cm in width and place it under the bridge part of mask where it sits on the nose. The purpose of the tissue paper is to improve the seal and stop warm air escaping.
  3. If your mask ties behind the head then the higher you wear the band the greater will be the seal with your face.
  4. There are some commercial defogging solutions available to buy and these may be of assistance.

No one would wear a mask if there was an alternative, and we all wish that we didn’t have to, especially those of us who wear glasses. But, we realise that the inconvenience of a mask is far out-weighed by the protection it affords the wearer and the people around him/her. Please note that staff and students may not wish to be in the company of someone who is not wearing a mask.

Is there any time students can take the mask off for a break?

It is unlikely that when you are inside the school building that you can be guaranteed to be 2 metres away from everyone all the time, but if you go outside at break times then you can remove the mask as long as you remain 2 metres from the people around you.

What should I do if my child is a little off but I know it’s not COVID-19?

If your child displays any one of the symptoms of COVID then you must keep your child at home and consult your GP. Information about the symptoms of COVID may be found here:

What if I want to keep my son/daughter at home?

If your child is unwell then you must keep them at home, consult a GP and follow their advice. If you are concerned about your child because they are in a very/high-risk category please complete the form here:

If your child is not unwell or is not in a very/high-risk category then you should send your child to school as normal.

What do my child do if they feel unwell?

Students should tell their teacher immediately. They must continue to wear your mask. Avoid touching surfaces, objects or anyone else. If they cough or sneeze they should cover their nose/mouth with a tissue and put this in the bin after using it. Parents/guardians will be called and, if necessary, their doctor will be called, or the emergency services, as appropriate.

If I need to borrow a ruler or pen from another student is that OK?

Everyone forgets things from time to time, it’s part of being human. However, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, we do not envisage you being able to borrow something from another student or teacher. Most people will not wish to share their items, as they will need to protect themselves. If, in the exceptional circumstance, you are allowed borrow something by your teacher, you will need to ensure that it is sanitised before and after use.

What if I want to drop off something to my son/daughter, maybe he/she forgot his/her lunch?

As you know, we need to keep contact to a minimum to help protect everyone from the virus. It won’t be possible drop items to the office as that will pose a risk for staff. Equally, staff won’t be able to leave the office to find a student who is in class. We know that this may be frustrating for you, but it’s based on the best advice we have received. If there is an exceptional or emergency situation, then you need to phone the school in advance – 091 794564 – and we will do our best to make arrangements. Please note that this is only for emergency situation.

My child comes to school by bus, is there anything I should know?

We understand from reporting that the following apply:

  • Not to use school transport if they are displaying symptoms
  • To maintain physical distancing while waiting for transport
  • To always sit in pre-assigned seating and next to a sibling or child from their class group (this should be the same child at all times)
  • To use hand sanitiser on boarding the bus
  • To observe respiratory etiquette at all times while waiting for and on-board transport services
  • To disembark the bus one by one in an orderly fashion
  • With the exception of those children who for medical or special educational needs reasons are not in a position to wear a face mask or face covering, all other students travelling on the post-primary scheme are required to wear face masks while waiting for and on-board transport services.

However, you should direct any questions to your local office, the contact details for which are here:

Where will I keep my books?

Similar to last year, you will be based in the same classroom for as many lessons as possible and you will be assigned the same seat in that classroom. You should keep your books in your bag under your desk, or stacked neatly on your desk. Lockers are still out of use, but this may change as we await further guidance in this area. For now, we are continuing to adhere to the DES guidelines in relation to this issue.

Are there set doors for coming in?

Yes, we are continuing to operate the same system as last year whereby each year group was assigned a specific entry/exit door. This will be explained during your induction. We will be letting you know next week about the arrangements for your first day back to school and how to enter the school.

How do I submit my Subject Choice for 1st Yr 2021?

Subject Choice information for all incoming 1st Yrs 2021 can be found here. An instructional video on how to submit your choice on VSware can be found here. Please be aware that the deadline date for all submissions has now passed and the process is closed.

How do I apply for TY for Sept 2021?

The TY Information Evening for parents and students will take place virtually this year via MS Teams. The meeting is on Monday 25th January at 7pm. All 3rd Yr students will be sent a link to attend the meeting on their Teams account. The TY Admissions Policy 2021/22 can be accessed here and should be read prior to application. The closing date for TY applications for 2021/22 has now passed. Applicants will be updated on the status of their application by Fri 5th March 2021.

How do I access the school's Child Safeguarding Statement?

Child Protection is a responsibility we take very seriously in Calasanctius College. A risk assessment and policy review take place annually. To access our current Safeguarding Statement please click here. If you require a hardcopy of this statement please contact the school office at 091 - 794564 between the hours of 8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am - 1.30pm on Fridays.

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