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In-School Support Structures

Student wellbeing is one of our main priorities at Calasanctius College. We pride ourselves on the many student supports we have in place in our school. Our student support structure operates to scaffold our new 1st Yr students when they first arrive into Calasanctius, to support students as they journey through Junior Cycle, to guide students in their transition into Senior Cycle and finally to prepare students to assume their place in society; whatever path they eventually decide to follow. Allow us to introduce you to some of the people you will meet on your Calasanctius journey.

In-School Supports


Class Teachers: In secondary school you will have many different class teachers who you will meet regularly during the week. Our teachers work hard with our students to provide a positive teaching and learning experience in their subject areas.

Tutor: Every student is assigned a Tutor. In most cases, this person will also be one of their class teachers, so they will meet on a regular basis each week. Tutors play an important role in our student support structure. They take a special interest in the progress and welfare of the students in their group. They offer support and guidance to students and encourage them to participate fully in school life. They serve as a link between the student and school administration. Students and their Tutor meet formally once a week during Wellbeing class.

Year Head: Each year group is assigned a Year Head who oversees the welfare of the year group on behalf of the school community. They act as intermediaries between Tutors and school management. Year Heads are a fundamental part of the structure which ensures caring for all students in the year group so that learning, at every level of the person, is supported.

TY Buddy: All 1st Yr students are assigned a Buddy from Transition Yr who acts as an in-school day-to-day support. Students and Buddys meet on a regular basis, thus maintaining a constant link between both for the duration of 1st Yr and beyond.

Guidance Counsellors: Calasanctius College operates both a Junior and Senior Guidance Department, who are there to listen and support our students and their families as best we can. This service operates a blended approach in school and online pending the year group.

Each class in 1st Yr is assigned a Guidance Counsellor, who in some cases is also their SPHE teacher. SPHE covers topics such as settling in, organisation, study, time management, personal health, cyber safety, bullying and many more.
Each Senior Cycle student has access to a Guidance Counsellor who provides educational and vocational guidance as well as personal and social support. Each TY and 5th Year student has one weekly Careers class with a Guidance Counsellor.
6th Years have a series of Guidance Counselling related talks and a program of Careers Classes spread over the school year.
If a student or parent/guardian has a question about the well-being of a student, they should contact one of the Guidance team.

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School Management: The Principal and Deputy Principals at Calasanctius College work hard and are fully committed to providing a safe, caring, positive and inclusive learning environment that will promote the full and balanced development of all our students.

Other Important Supports in Calasanctius College...

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Dept.: Calasanctius College has a very busy and dedicated SEN Dept. that assists students reach their full potential. They provide many key services within the school such as individual student assessments, reasonable accommodations applications to the DES on student's behalf and allocation of resource and learning support to those most in need of extra support for their learning.

Student Care Team: There are two Student Care Teams in Calasanctius College - one for Junior students and one for Seniors. These teams meet on a regular basis to monitor, review and deal with any issues which may arise. They work in conjunction with key personnel within the school.

Student Council: Calasanctius College has an active and progressive Student Council, which we encourage all students to get involved in. It provides a platform where students can have an active say in key decisions in school life. The student council is a representative structure through which students at Calasanctius College can become involved in the affairs of the school; working in partnership with the school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

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