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Senior Cycle Subject Choice

Subject Choice deadline is Friday the 27th of March

Most students do 7 Leaving Cert subjects and here is an example of the breakdown of optional subjects available in Calasanctius.

7 Leaving Cert Subjects =

3 Core Subjects (Irish, English, Maths)
1 Modern Language (French/German/Spanish)
3 Optional Subjects

Optional Subjects available for Senior Cycle:

subject choice 2.GIF

PE is a new optional subject for the 2020/2021 click here for information

Select 5 subjects on VSware and 3 subjects are allocated. Log into VSware here

Please ensure you put your subjects in order of preference

Information to help to research Subjects

Presentation for Subject Choice in Calasanctius 2020

Careersportal provides detailed information on all Leaving Cert subjects

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact

Please use the following worksheet to support your decision making

LCVP (Please click here to visit the LCVP link on this website)

Useful Links

Theses links give detailed information about the individual senior cycle subjects, the course content, the leaving cert exam and marking scheme.


Having the points for a course is only one part of meeting a college course entry requirements.

Below explains how to find specific course entry requirements - i.e. what subjects you must have in your Leaving Certificate to do a particular course.

  1. How to find out the specific course entry requirements for a college course:
  • Go-to and follow these tabs – Students – Course finder – CAO or PLC- Course provider e.g. NUIGalway –– e.g. Engineering - Search – Click into an Engineering course- scroll down & read Leaving Cert. Entry Requirements
  • Check the college website – undergraduate courses
  1. and follow the tabs -students – useful tools – minimum subject requirements – Leaving Cert. Subjects – show me 3rd level courses that definitely require e.g. Chemistry or HL Maths or HL Irish – Select Definitely Requires e.g. Chemistry. The college courses that definitely require a subject or subject level will come up.

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