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Calasanctius College was founded and set up by the Presentation Sisters in 1946. It is now part of the CEIST family of schools. In 2007 five religious congregations, including our own Presentation Sisters, came together to find a new path to enable their schools to continue to offer a Catholic education into the future. CEIST - Catholic Education an Irish Schools Trust was formed and became the trustees of our school.

Board of Management

The Board of Management of Calasanctius College has been entrusted by CEIST to run the school according to their values and charter. Supporting and nourishing all in our school - students, staff and parents, is at the heart of what we do as a CEIST school. Our Presentation tradition is central to these values and we are very proud of our strong Presentation heritage.

Each Board serves for a three year period. The Board functions in accordance with the Articles of Management for Catholic Secondary Schools. The Board of Management delegates responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school to the Principal. Working in collaboration with the school staff, the Principal assumes responsibility for all aspects of the management of the school, subject to Board policy and direction.

The Board of Management consists of eight persons made up as follows:

  • Four members nominated by the Trustees of the School
  • Two parents/legal guardians of children currently attending the school, elected by parents/legal guardians
  • Two permanent, full time teachers, elected by their full time teaching colleagues
  • Following their nomination or election all eight members are appointed by the Trustees
  • The school Principal acts as Secretary to the Board of Management

Senior Management

Senior management at Calasanctius College consists of the Principal and Deputy Principals. They work hard and are fully committed to providing a safe, caring, positive and inclusive learning environment that will promote the full and balanced development of all our students.

Senior Management Team

Senior management are supported and advised by the school senior management team. This consists of our AP1 post holders and programme co-ordinator. Aside from supporting management, they also have their own individual roles and responsibilities within the school. These posts are central to the everyday smooth running of the school and are pivotal in providing the high standard of education and student experience we are synonymous with.

Middle Management Team

The middle management team consists of a dedicated and enthusiastic group of AP2 post holders. In addition to their teaching duties, they are assigned various roles and responsibilities within the school. These staff members oversee projects, committees or tasks that are essential in the day-to-day running of our school.

Student Care Team

There are two Student Care teams in Calasanctius College - one for Junior students and one for Seniors. These teams meet on a fortnightly basis to monitor, review and deal with any issues which may arise in relation to any aspect of student care. They work in conjunction with key personnel within the school such as senior management, Guidance, Yearheads and SEN.

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